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reezy strip

matchsticks in polaroidburn

Dean/Castiel wallpaper, plus matching icons.

Gack. I feel like I'm cheating on my Sam and Dean, but I'm not going to lie - the thought of Dean and Castiel together? Hotness. Just...hotness. Oh, and this is dedicated to the ever so lovely candesgirl, who shares my love for all things Castiel.

Anyway, enjoy!


Coloured Version

[1680 x 1050] [1440 x 900] [1280 x 1024] [1280 x 800] [1024 x 768]

Black & White Version

[1680 x 1050] [1440 x 900] [1280 x 1024] [1280 x 800] [1024 x 768]

Matching Icons

Final Notes:
  • You are allowed to alter these in any which way you desire. Just please credit polaroidburn or matchsticks for the base if you do.
  • Feel free to watch the comm for updates.
  • Comments are very much appreciated :).


This is beautiful! I'm snagging the colorized wallpaper.
Thank you :). Enjoy!
You're welcome, and I'm glad you like 'em!
That's really beautiful. I'll definitely be using it as a wallpaper. Thanks!
You're welcome :). Enjoy!
These are beautiful! Snagged the colored wp and will DEFINITELY use it. Thank you! :)
You're welcome! Glad you like them :).
Cheers :).
Snagged the colored 1440x900. Thank you for making my resolution! :)
You're welcome!
I'm gonna grab the coloured wallpaper, it's just what I love in a wallpaper :D
Enjoy :).
Excellent work, seriously....
Thank you :).
OH GOD girl I LOVE you!! I LOVE these!! I love your stuff anyway, but these are just gorgeous, the colours are exceptional and so...So Castiel! He is one beautiful angel, isn't he???

Thank you, thank you, thank you!!!!!
Whoo hoo :D. I'm glad you like it! You're one of the two friends I have who actually likes Castiel, so of course I'd dedicate this to you :).

Oh, the colour version is beautiful and understated.
Thank you :).
snagged the wallpaper and the last icon. they're brilliant :D
I am stealing the first wallpaper! Thank you so much. These are gorgeous.