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matchsticks in polaroidburn

1 Castiel and 1 Sam/Dean graphic set + 4 headers and 15 icons

What's inside?
  • 1 Castiel and 1 Sam/Dean (4x01) graphic set, each including:
    • 1 Wallpaper (in five different sizes)
    • 1 Matching header
    • 3 Matching icons
  • 4 Sam/Dean (or Jensen/Jared, depending on how you look at it) headers adapted from my old J2 mural.
  • 15 icons from my old J2 mural.
Le preview:


[1680 x 1050] [1440 x 900] [1280 x 1024] [1280 x 800] [1024 x 768]

Matching Header

[750 x 312]

Matching Icons


[1680 x 1050] [1440 x 900] [1280 x 1024] [1280 x 800] [1024 x 768]

Matching Header

[750 x 340]

Matching Icons

Assorted Sam/Dean (or, erm, Jared/Jensen) headers.
These were all taken from a J2 mural I posted a bit ago.

[750 x 375]

[750 x 332]

[749 x 361]

[750 x 345]

Assorted Sam/Dean (or, erm, Jared/Jensen) icons.
Again, these were all taken from a J2 mural I posted a bit ago.
Buh. The boys need to stop being ridiculously good looking, I tell you :P. Nevertheless, hope you guys like these!

Final Notes:
  • Please credit polaroidburn if taking.
  • Feel free to watch the comm for updates.
  • Comments = ♥.


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Wow, these are gorgeous!
I'm saving the wallpapers, thank you for sharing :)
You're welcome. Thank you for commenting! Glad you like 'em :).

Yipee. :)

Glad to be of service ;).
Your stuff is so lovely ♥ especially the wallpapers are gorgeous :)
Thank you! I'm glad you like them!
Your work is awesome!!!I love the Castiel's set!!!*.*
Thank you. Castiel is so pretty, he practically designs himself ;).
Uao! I love them all and I've snagged almost everything! The wall are awesome and the murals too *___*
Thank you so much! I'm glad you like them. *g*
Snagging the Castiel wallpaper! Gorgeous!
Thanks! Glad you like it :).
I love the Castiel wallpaper. Taking it and the third Sam/Dean icon ;)
Thank you :). I'm glad you like 'em!
You're welcome :). I'm glad you like them!
These are so gorgeous. I'm taking the hug header and will credit when used. Thank you!
Thank you :). Enjoy!
Oh WOW. I am definitely taking the Castiel wallpaper. :D Gorgeous!
Thanks :). Enjoy!
OMG the castiel wallpaper!! amazing
Thanks, hon :). Glad you like it!
WOW! Where did you hide this amazing art??
I love everything, i snag/credit
Thank you so much! Enjoy :).
took the castiel wall! so beautiful^^
Thanks! Enjoy :).
Beautiful work!

Took the Sam/Dean wallpaper and the matching icon 001. Will of course credit! :)
Thank you! Glad you like 'em :).
they're beautiful, saved some :)
Thanks! Glad you like 'em :).
Love the Castiel wallpaper, and such bliss to have it in my size (1440x900) - thank you!
I should be thanking you :). The Castiel set would not have been possible, without your awesome caps! *bows*

And I'm glad you like it!
Awesome work! I'm taking a few icons of Jensen.

Thank you! ♥
Thank you! I'm glad you like them :).
It's my screen size as well, so I can definitely sympathise with the lack of 'em around. Enjoy :).
saved both wallpapers (thanks for making 1680x1050) - they're great!
You're welcome :). Enjoy!
Grabbed the Castiel wp (1280x800).

Really cool. :D

Edited at 2008-09-22 06:03 pm (UTC)
Thanks! Enjoy :).
Thanks :)!
Everything here looks amazing! :D
Thanks, hon :D.
So beautiful! I saved the Castiel wallpaper and header. I'll definitely credit when I use. But I'm just curious, what language is that and what does it say? Is it Latin?
Thank you :). And the words are in Latin. They were taken from an old opera standard called "Panis Angelicus" :).
Oh wow, I really, really love your stuff! Snagged a few icons and the Sam&Dean wallpaper. Beautiful! :)
Thank you *g*. Glad you like 'em!
Love, love, love these!

But I've got a question... Is there any way you could resize the Castiel header to 700x300 for me? I just simply adore it, and it would go perfectly with my layout, but it has to be that size before I can use it.

If this is out of line in anyway, I apologize and you can just ignore my comment.
Not out of line at all :). It only takes a second to resize things, so it's not a big deal. Here ya go: 700*300.

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